Wine Tasting In the Peak District


PeakWine has been running wine tasting events in the Peak District since 2011. These wine tastings are mainly held in holiday venues throughout the region as part of a special weekend break.

The wine tastings are also held mid week and can be held in the comfort of your own home. We also host regular events at various recommended Peak District hotels and restaurants.

We have a full menu of bespoke wine tastings to suit your specific needs. Our tastings are a great way to catch up with friends and family or as a corporate event. What better way to celebrate than a PeakWine tasting!

Our variety of formats range from the entertainment based tastings, mainly for our hen, stag and birthday parties, to the more informative sessions designed to supply you with a better understanding of wines from across the world. Whichever tasting you choose, you’ll benefit from an informative yet fun approach and a wine tasting that is great value for money too.

As a long established wine business, we provide the best selection of wine tastings in the Peak District, in a venue of your own choice.

To organise a wine tasting contact us and set a date!